Pastor David Joy

Houston Metro West Global Missions Director



David was raised as a Catholic, but ended up rejecting that branch of Christianity when he entered Rice University in 1975.  At Rice, he intended to major in Electrical Engineering and minor in Religious Studies.  His study of world religions during his tenure at Rice gave him a taste of the diversity amongst religious beliefs.  After a short stint of agnosticism, he began to become familiar with the non-denominational Christian faiths prevalent in the late 1970’s.  He was baptized in the titles “which are the name of Jesus” but thought that tongue-talking was not for everybody.  While dating his future wife, Jackie, he was introduced to the Pentecostal belief system.  But he was unable to understand much of the Bible at that time.


David  entered Rice University in 2005 and obtained his MBA in 2007.  David and Jackie had begun supporting Foreign Missions by individually sponsoring some of the missionaries in the late 1980’s.  This continued through the 1990’s and they visited some of the missionaries in the field, first in Mexico, then in France and then other areas during some of their world travels.  They had begun sponsoring Bro. Mike & Lisa Long in the late 1990’s, and were able to visit these missionaries in Vanuatu in 2010 and help them to minister in the bush.  Starting in 2011, at the request of missionary Stanley Scism, Jackie began to teach in the Bible School in India and Nepal, and in 2013 David joined her in preparing these studies and teaching in the Bible School in Nepal.


A few years ago, David and Jackie began hosting a Friday night of prayer in their home.  This meeting was well attended by a few friends and friends of friends, and has really ministered to the people.  In 2015, David and Jackie again combined their vacation with a missionary trip.  Their first stop was in Johannesburg where Bro. & Sis. Long graciously showed them around.  They accompanied the Longs to their home in Gabarone, Botswana for a couple of days of touring and rest, and then moved on into Zimbabwe where David was privileged to be able to preach to four regional church congregations at the historic church founded by Sis. Wilma Nix in Bulawayo.  Many people were blessed by his preaching on faith and one person received the Holy Ghost in this service, and another woman was healed and got up out of her wheel chair.  The Long’s then accompanied them to Victoria Falls where they were able to enjoy some of the best sights God has placed on this earth. Moving on from Africa, they then visited Bro. Scism in Nepal and again taught in the Bible School there.


In 2012, David and Jackie began to support and help Rev. Tommy Taylor, pastor of Brookshire Tabernacle.  During the four years prior to Rev. Taylor’s passing, David taught and preached in most of the Sunday services at Brookshire Tabernacle.  When Bro. Taylor was diagnosed with cancer a few months prior to his death, David and Jackie began to provide him with additional help and support, also leading Sunday services.  At the suggestion of Bro. Taylor, David applied for a UPCI local ministerial license, fulfilled the study requirements, and was approved by the South Texas District Board on September 1, 2015. Jackie fulfilled the requirements for a general license and was approved in South Texas on the same date.


David plans to continue his religious studies, his teaching, preaching and world-wide soul winning, and has become more active in his district as a licensed minister.  He has co-pastored (with Jackie) at Brookshire Tabernacle, and now Apostolic Lighthouse UPCI (in Brookshire) for the past few years. In 2019 he was appointed Global Missions Director for his section. There is no telling what more God will do in his life, and he is ever thankful for all that God has done for him.  David considers it a tremendous privilege to be able to work in the Kingdom of God.